Happy Weekday Morning!

Shout out to @heatherland for feeling my pain in her “I ain’t doin’ it” video blog!

Just Jill

I think most moms can relate to the craziness that is the weekday morning routine, getting young kids ready for school and yourself ready for work.  The irony here is that it is rarely routine.  You never know the state in which your kids will wake up — grumpy, sluggish, chipper, or zombie-like.  Add to that the outfit that they picked out last night but no longer like for any number of reasons.  Now, you are back to the situation you tried to avoid when you had them pick out the outfit the night before.  Throw in a sibling fight, an opposition to breakfast, any sort of ill feeling, and a request for a new hair style, and you are LATE!

Late is the world in which I live most of my life.  I can’t count the number of times in the morning I say “Let’s go!”  I start early in hopes…

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Take Your Toys

I haven't been to a class reunion in quite some time, but I've heard my friends at work talk about their recent class reunions.  One common thread in these conversations is that some people never grow up. Some of my childhood friends liked to play games, but only if things went their way.  And if things … Continue reading Take Your Toys

Bulldog, or Other

As many know, I was raised in the beautiful state of Mississippi, where dogwoods and magnolias are abundant, delicate, and as sweet as McAllister's sweet tea.  We southerners respect the three f's: Faith, Family, and Football.  Mississippi's two rival schools Mississippi State University and "The School Up North" attract the deepest football following.  Like many Mississippians, I … Continue reading Bulldog, or Other